November 18, 2022

Payaca Wins Clive Holland's 'Product Of The Week'

Clive Holland and Matt Franklin banner

Matt Franklin joins Clive Holland live on FIX Radio to accept the 'Product of the Week' award for Payaca. There is controversy from the start as Clive pronounces the winning product 'pie-aca'.

Nonetheless, Matt keeps his cool and showcases what Payaca is all about.

As Clive says, if you're listening to this video and thinking "I fancy a bit of that", you can get started with a get started with a free 7 day trial.

Here's the full interview with Matt & Clive Holland:

Clive: It's now time for my product of the week and on the line we have Matt Franklin, CEO of Payaca, to tell us all about it. Matt, tell us about this product, range of yours.

Matt: So Payaca is software for any trade business and it covers the whole lifecycle of the customer through capturing the lead on your website, through to selling your products and services all the way through to accounting integration, and effectively it helps you sell more. With interactive quotes, it allows you to organise your team with mobile apps for the team in the field, so it helps them schedule work, manage tasks and then manage any forms or certificates they need to fill out while they're on the job. And then finally save hours of time through automating messages so that they get sent to your customer at the right time, your team get notified about work that needs to be done and just keeping everything together.

Clive: So Matt, what's different about Payaca for a tradesperson, say, than other solutions that might be out there in the marketplace?

Matt: The first is quoting, We really take your quoting to the next level. This is your sales document with the customer. This is what helps you win that work and also maximise the revenue you get from that job. The second thing is automation. So we enable you to set up automatic emails SMS reminders that go out for different types of work at different stages. You can maybe categorise your work as maybe services or installations or however you work, and you can make sure your customers get those perfectly timed messages. And then finally, we're a team all-together based in the UK, our speed of response is the thing that really impressive our customers.

Clive: Now there may be people listening right now thinking, I fancy a bit of that. Where can they find out more information and purchase it?

Matt: We offer a totally free trial at That's p-a-y-a-c-a dot com. You can go there and you can try it totally free for seven days. When you start the trial, we'll put some demo data into your account so you can see how that looks. You can have a play with it words of copy written for you, templates set up for you. So you can just get going in minutes rather than taking weeks to set up. The other thing is, we'll happily jump on a video call at any time, talk you through it and help you get set up.

Clive: Matt, thank you so much for joining us on the Clive Holland show and being our product of the week. That's Matt Franklin there, CEO of Payaca. If you want to get involved, you know how to do it. You're listening to Clive Holland on FIX radio, the builders station.