July 17, 2023

Payaca Powers Revolutionary New Eco Plumbing Business Nippy Checks To Success

Sam Blakeney from Nippy Checks focus image

In this testimonial, Sam from Nippy Checks shares how Payaca is helping his business to revolutionise the plumbing and heating industry by using electric cargo bikes instead of gas guzzling vans in the city of Bristol.

Sam discusses the benefits of using Payaca's CRM software, saying it was an "easy switch" away from his previous job management software. Payaca's efficient quoting and diary management features have helped Nippy Checks gain 60 customers in just 6 months.

Discover how Payaca has helped Sam streamline his business operations, save time, gain more customers, and grow his business in just half a year. If you're in the heating engineering field or interested in efficient business management, this testimonial is a must-watch!

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