October 19, 2022

All The Highlights From PHEX Manchester 2022

PHEX Manchester 2022 banner

Matt and the team drive North to Old Trafford for PHEX Manchester 2022 and team up once again with heating industry hero Tommy Lee-Zmuda.

There was plenty of interest in Payaca from plumbing and heating engineers, who stopped by to check out the interactive quotes, demo the software themselves and sign up for the 7 day free trial.

Tradies were also keen to learn about PHA (Payaca Heating Community) and join PHA 2.0 - the new cohort group, ran by Matt & Tommy.

With almost 100 members in the Payaca Heating Community group, there's never been more online support available for everyone using the software. It's been a huge help for plumbing and heating engineers who want to save time and boost their business revenues.

Fancy getting involved? Start your free 7 day trial, join the community and run your boiler business the smart way.