August 17, 2022

Here's How Electricians are Using Payaca to Improve their Business

Sam McDouall focus image

Want to know what Payaca is? Or how it can help your business grow? Check out this customer review from Sam McDouall, who uses Payaca to power his electrician business.

Sam "hates doing paperwork" because it means he "doesn't get to spend time with his loved ones". He uses Payaca because it saves him so much time, so he now spends more of it with his family. Which is awesome!

Sam also loves the fact that Payaca are UK based with a great understanding of construction industries.

The interactive quotes are Sam's favourite feature because "they give your customer the option to spec the install without you having to endlessly re-quote". And to be fair, why not, it saves an incredible amount of admin time.

Sam is also a huge fan of our mobile app because "it allows you to quote, invoice and see any work you have scheduled" while you're on the move.

Sam's word of advice to tradespeople who don't have Payaca:

"Get yourself organised, get Payaca. Save yourself some time and spend more time with your loved ones."

Hammer. Nail. Head.

Find out how Payaca can help your electrician business.

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