Renewables company installing green energy solutions

Software for renewable energy & property pioneers.

Payaca is the perfect blend of CRM, field team management, quoting, invoicing and project management tools.

Efficiency holding you back?

Installing renewable energy solutions can be complicated, costing you time and money. You need a system that makes it simple for your team and customers.

  • Discover huge efficiencies

    Build your custom process into Payaca and realise the benefits of automation. Let your team focus on delivering more value, not boring manual tasks!

  • Delight your customers

    Our client portal provides easy access to all their key documents and files making 10x easier to work with you than your competitors.

  • Build recurring revenue

    Quickly build service plans, invite customers and manage commitments in one place.

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Partnered with the most ambitious businesses and tech solutions

For growth focused renewable energy businesses

We'll help you automate your entire end to end process. Your field team will love how easy to use our mobile app is. You'll be live in no time with help from our expert team.

Automate for maximum efficiency

If it's repeatable, automate it.

  • Create flexible workflows and automated communications to meet diverse project needs and compliance standards.
  • Seamlessly manage team schedules for timely project completion.
  • Template projects, proposals, appointments and more so you only ever have to make it once.
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Make it simple for your field team

Your field team have a challenging job, make it easier with our easy to use mobile app.

  • A clear view of the scheduled work and materials required for the day.
  • Easy checklists of tasks to be done and forms to be completed.
  • Work offline seamlessly, data saves locally and can be uploaded when signal returns.
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Waiting to go live

Don't wait to go live!

No lengthy setup process and clueless consultants.

  • Choose to self-serve or use one of our support packages.
  • With our support depending on your requirements we aim to get you live in 2-4 weeks.
  • Start simple at iterate quickly for the perfect end to end solution.