February 4, 2022

9 proven upsells you can use right now to increase your business profits by 29%

9 Upsells for Service Businesses

If you're looking for new ways to give your business profits a boost this year, then grab your cuppa and settle in - you’re in exactly the right place. These 9 upsells are business dynamite. But don’t just take our word for it -

More and more businesses are reporting back with increased profits of up to 29% after using them (more on this later). By the end of this article you’ll have 9 powerful upsell techniques to better your business quotes and increase your profits. For now, let’s jump straight in with tip #1 -

Waste Removal

When you’re installing a new product in someone’s home, a really easy win is offering to remove their old one as part of the service. Installing a boiler? Offer to take away the old one as an optional extra in their quote. Landscaping a garden? Ask if they want the waste removed. 

Whatever service you’re providing - it’s best to think about the end to end process early. Anticipating optional extras early gives you the opportunity to add them into your main quote. You’re much more likely to win the upsell here. Offering it later might work, but it might not. Unexpected last minute costs can be off-putting for some customers.

Additional products

Optional extras are fantastic for bulking out your quotes, so let’s talk about more of them. ‘Smart’ technology is a great upsell. For example, if you’re a boiler engineer, offer to install Hive / Nest heating controls with boiler exchanges. It could significantly increase your revenues. And when doing so, be sure to sell the benefits. In this case, emphasise how much money the customer will save by having a more energy efficient home! 

Additional Services

You’ve been called out to service a boiler, but while on the job you’ve noticed some leaky pipework. And after following the trail of breadcrumbs, it’s pretty clear that this house needs a whole new bathroom. If you notice more jobs that need doing and they’re in the skillset of your business, be sure to include them in your quote. Try offering a discount for multiple services to sweeten the deal. Before you know it, you’ll have turned a three figure job into a four. 

Multiple choice

Offering premium options in your quotes is a great way to increase your profit margins. Building a conservatory? Give the customer a choice of windows. Renovating a bathroom? Perhaps Luxury Vinyl Flooring is the way to go over a basic Linoleum. Whatever your industry - think about the products you’re installing. Is there an opportunity to offer a more suitable alternative for your customer? Does it also increase your profits? If your answer is yes, get it in your quote! [extra content below]

But be careful. Flooding your customers with too many options can overwhelm them and have the opposite effect. If your customer can’t make a decision, you won’t win their business. And that’s way more important than getting them to choose the ‘fancy curtains’! So tailor your options for each customer. Just include a handful of choices they might actually choose. Ideally options you’ve already discussed with them beforehand - options they’re already familiar with. It’ll make the decision process so much easier for your customers and make sure your quotes get accepted. Keep that in mind. Upselling the product is the cherry on top.

When offered effectively, multiple choice options can actually help you get more quotes accepted too. More often than not, your customer is just one of multiple decision makers (e.g. husband and wife). And this is where interactive quotes come into play. They’re a great way to upsell multiple choice options to all the decision makers. Even the ones you haven’t met. Here’s how: Include your (tailored) options in the interactive quote. Send it to your customer. Now your customer can easily run through your options with the other decision makers and sign off the quote. Job done. And the best bit - you don’t even need to be there! You can upsell from your own sofa with a cup of tea. Too easy.

Multiple Property Discount

There are 2.65 million landlords in the UK. And there’s a good chance that one of them might be your next customer. When it happens, ask if they have any other properties that need the same service when you build them a quote. And offer them a discount if they’re interested. If the price is right, your quote for one gas safety certificate might snowball to 10 homes if the price is right!

Annual discount

This is a biggie. How does repeat annual business every year sound? Thought so. It gives you and your customers peace of mind. So when you’re out on your next boiler service, see if the customer wants to book in for a ‘same time next year?’ appointment. And give them a discount for doing so. You could even encourage them to go cardless and set up a direct debit, making the payment process easier while ensuring you get paid on time. Look at that! Business is already booming for next year with recurring revenue.

Refer a friend

This upsell is powerful. Research shows that word of mouth is the most effective form of marketing. Who are you going to trust more - a glimmering online review from John Smith that might be fake, or a recommendation from one of your closest friends? The next time you’re doing a job for a happy customer, tell them about your refer-a-friend discount. If they find you a customer, give them a discount on their next quote.

Product Warranty

If you’re confident in the service you’re providing, this is the easiest win of all. Many customers are happy to pay a little extra for that piece of mind, that if something goes wrong, someone will come and fix it. So the next time you fit a fuse box, plumb a sink or replace a boiler, why not offer cover in your quote? You could even go one step further and offer annual cover on what you’ve installed for bonus upsell points (and more importantly, extra recurring revenue). 

Multiple product purchase discount

You buy one, you get one free. You know the score. Think about what kind of bulk discount you could offer your customer the next time you’re building a quote for them. Are you replacing windows in their lounge? See if they’re interested in replacing them in the bedrooms too and offer them a discount for taking you up on the offer. 

You made it!

That’s all 9 upsells. Now it’s time to quote like a pro. Think about how you might apply each upsell technique to your industry and use them when you quote your next job.

The Proof is in the Product

You can take advantage of all these upsell techniques with Payaca’s interactive quoting system. Multiple choice, optional extras - you name it. When it comes to quoting customers, Payaca’s CRM can increase your business revenues by 29%.

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