July 27, 2022

"Payaca Wins You Repeat Business" - Heat Worcester Ltd.

Jonathon Boswell focus image

In this testimonial, Jonathon Boswell from Heat Worcester Ltd. explains why his business uses Payaca.

Jonathon was using a different job management software before switching to Payaca, highlighting that "it syncs with Xero perfectly". It allows him to do all his quoting and gas certificates when he's on the move too. This means that when Jonathon gets home he has "no paperwork to do"!

He also highlights how Payaca is "definitely good for repeat business" and says Payaca's service reminders are "brilliant", because they prompt his customers to book again for the next year.

Jonathon has high praise for Payaca's Customer Success team too - explaining how they're always keen to take on board any learnings and action them. He goes on to reveal that what sets Payaca apart from the rest, is the way it "helps his business grow".

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