February 6, 2024

12 Niche business ideas in the trades

giant magnifying glass over a small business

There are many money-making business opportunities out there, especially for those working in the skilled trades.

Finding the right opportunity isn’t difficult, it just takes a bit of imagination and initiative.

In this article, we’re going to explore how some canny tradesmen have cornered a unique market and are making big bucks from niches most people haven’t even considered.

1. Commercial Tent Washing

Marquee rental is already an established and successful business niche with over 10,000 businesses operating in the US.

However, there is a sub-niche catering to a need all marquee and tent hire businesses have. That need is tent cleaning.

There are companies out there that specialise in commercial tent cleaning. This is a job that can be done by hand, but with a specialised industrial cleaner, this job can be performed far quicker and to a higher standard.

In one example, a company in the US is generating over $3 million in revenue performing this service every year.

2. Commercial Patio Furniture Refurbishing

Patio and outdoor furniture can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a four-figure price tag.

As this equipment is used often and spends a lot of time outside, it can degrade quickly, especially if it’s used by hotels and resorts that need to maintain high standards.

There are companies that specialise in refurbishing this furniture and making it look like new. This business saves the hotels and country clubs money on buying new furniture and helps to reduce waste.

This business is a big earner making big profits from large clients.

Deck chairs with sun umbrellas open behind them

3. Scaffolding Stairs

Unsurprisingly, scaffolding isn’t always the easiest structure to scale. With numerous ladders to climb, it can get tiring to use these daily, especially if the scaffolding goes up a long way.

To address this, there are companies that have developed scaffolding stairs, a much safer and less arduous method for climbing scaffolding.

Given how often scaffolding is used in construction and the fact that fall protection in construction is amongst the most frequently violated OSHA standard, it shows this is an area where a scaffolding stair business could really profit.

scaffolding construction

4. Bubblegum removal

If you’re a bit stuck for business ideas, then this bubble gum removal company might provide the inspiration you’re after.

A business in the US specialises in removing old gum from sidewalks, parks, gas stations and stadiums.

This company fills a very specific need among high-end hotels, outlet malls and other businesses that require the removal of gum marks.

These contracts can be worth as much as $50,000+ a year recurring and there is a constant supply of work all year round.

5. Garbage bin washing

Occasionally a rubbish concept is a good concept.

One entrepreneur came up with the ingenious idea of washing out people's garbage bins.

The idea is simple, set up a truck with a large container of water and soap on the back and follow the garbage truck down the road washing out bins once they’ve been emptied.

For those who like to have a clean bin, particularly in wealthy areas, this is a highly valuable service.

As an extra win, the owner attaches zip-tie loyalty tags to bin handles, making it easy for other homeowners in the area to join his service.

This shrewd business owner makes over $150k a year - after tax, just from washing bins.

Garbage truck collecting a bin with a grabber

6. Gutter clearance

Cleaning gutters isn’t a massively unique niche business idea, but doing this with a vacuum isn’t so common.

Cleaning gutters can be a tedious and time-consuming task that isn’t much fun to do. Due to the time it takes to complete each gutter, this limits the number of gutters that can be cleaned in a day.

By using an industrial vacuum cleaner a person can suck up all the leaf litter and material in quick time and get through many more properties.

This business model has allowed one plumber to make big money, so much so that he was able to give up plumbing and clean gutters full-time.

Pigeon sitting on a gutter

7. Sandblasting

Sandblasting involves using a high-pressure jet of abrasive material, typically sand or a similar substance to to clean, smooth, or shape surfaces.

This business niche is particularly in demand in the construction industry where it is used to clean and prepare surfaces for further processes, such as painting or coating.

Sandblasting is usually required as part of bigger projects within big-money contracts. This makes it easy to charge a high price for the sandblasting work.

As a business that has relatively low costs, it makes it a lucrative business niche to get into.

8. Loft boarding

There are many tens of thousands of homes in the US and UK that have unused and uninsulated spaces in their attic.

As much as 25% of heat loss can occur through poorly insulated roofs.

However, there is a simple solution, loft insulation and boarding.

A growing number of businesses are setting up shop, offering loft boarding services to homeowners.

Rather than leaving the attic as an empty space, it can be turned into a functional room for storage and offers much better insulation.

This is a great business idea in a niche where there is high demand and a low barrier to entry.

Loft with boards all laid down

9. Furniture assembly

You may be surprised to find out that you can get paid assembling people's furniture.

It’s one of those jobs that a person can do on their own, but many people are prepared to outsource the effort for a fair price.

The business is simple, put together flat-pack furniture such as the kind you get from Ikea and do it at the customer's home and convenience.

Believe it or not, this is a popular service and if priced right can become a very successful business.

10. Curbside house numbers

People like to have a home that looks the part, they also like to receive their deliveries to the right address.

Providing curbside numbers, either a simple painted design or a more artistic version, can be a valuable and popular service.

It’s another business that is easy to start and simple to deliver. The biggest challenge is marketing your service to local homeowners. Knocking on doors or a simple flyer can go a long way.

11. Tombstone engraving

It might sound like a slightly sombre business idea but this can be a valuable and rewarding niche service to offer.

For deceased couples, the pair may wish to have both their names together on their tombstone.

To achieve this, the engraver will add the second name to the tomb after both parties have passed. They can add the date and any extra message about the couple.

As an extra service, you could also include gravestone cleaning.

12. Graffiti removal

This business falls into the same category as bubblegum removal.

Graffiti removal is one of those tedious tasks that large companies need to keep up with. There is also the opportunity to win council contracts.

Between public and commercial work this can be a big earner and is simple to do once you’ve got the right equipment.


And that’s it, 12 niche business ideas you can get into today.

Remember, coming up with a niche business doesn’t require coming up with something complex or super obscure.

The trick to a good niche business is thinking of something simple where there is good demand and a gap in service.

In fact, it doesn’t even need to be an unserved niche. If you can approach it in a different way, offering greater efficiency or more professionalism, then this can be enough to dominate that niche and make big bank.

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