August 31, 2023

The Top Plumbing & Heating Tech in 2024: Electric Cargo Bikes & CRM Software

image of Nippy Checks van with text overlay

Meet Sam, an ingenious plumbing and heating engineer at Nippy Checks, where innovation meets efficiency. Join us in this inspiring video as Sam showcases how electric cargo bikes are replacing gas-guzzling vans for heating services in Bristol, while Payaca's handy CRM software is boosting his business.

With the power of Payaca's seamless software, Sam takes us through his daily routine, from checking the day's schedule to ordering parts, performing repairs, and managing paperwork. Sam discusses the benefits of using Payaca's CRM software, saying it was an "easy switch" away from his previous job management software.

Discover the convenience of electronic certificates, image attachments, and service plans that empower both engineers and clients, helping Sam build recurring revenue from Landlord safety checks and annual boiler servicing.

Watch how this eco-friendly approach and advanced technology are transforming the way heating services are delivered, all while minimising environmental impact. And discover how Payaca has helped Sam streamline his business operations, save time, gain more customers, and grow his business in just half a year.

If you're in the heating engineering field or interested in efficient job management software, this testimonial is a must-watch!

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