May 25, 2023

25 Social Media Post Ideas for Plumbers

Plumber considering different social media providers with their icons hovering in a horseshoe shape above him

Do you want to up the social media game for your plumbing business?

Prepare to be inspired.

In this article, we’ve compiled 25 of the best plumbing-related posts and ideas you can use for your business socials.

Covering Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube, we’ll help find an approach that works for you.

Jump to the 25 examples you can use.

But before we get into that, let's clarify which platforms are optimised for which kind of content, so you can make sure your social media posting is the best it can be.

Social media platforms explained

If you’re new to social media you may think that all these platforms do largely the same thing.

While platforms share some of the same characteristics, particular channels are better suited to certain types of content.


Facebook is the most general platform. On Facebook, you can post all kinds of content, from written opinion pieces to images, videos and audio.

You can use Facebook to create your own business page and run much of your digital operation from it.

We would also recommend using Facebook to reshare content from your other channels.


Instagram is the home of visual content. This is where you should post your best images and slickest videos.

You should make sure that you use a relevant and appealing background when creating these pictures. Using a tool like Picsart could be your perfect background solution, enabling you to create professional and eye-catching images.

Instagram can also be used for other forms of content, but quality images and short-form videos are best.


This platform is optimised for short viral content. Use it to post short videos jam-packed with value. Think funny ‘you’ve-been-framed’ type videos or intriguing plumbing jobs you’ve worked on.

TikTok content doesn’t need to be highly edited or professionally produced. You should aim for simple, authentic and easy-to-consume.

Twitter (now called X)

Twitter is best for thoughts, opinions, news and gossip. Use Twitter to share interesting ideas and experiences that you can express in 280 characters.

It’s also a great platform for sharing interesting and relevant tweets from other users.

Twitter can also be used to promote your content from other platforms, but for best results don’t overdo this. Keep things fresh and authentic.


LinkedIn is an underutilised platform amongst plumbers and can be a great resource to build a following and establish a professional reputation.

Think of LinkedIn as Twitter meets Facebook. Don’t be afraid to share long text-based posts -  ensure what you’re saying is valuable and break it up into short sentences.

This is a great place to post about your experiences as a business owner and the process of building your plumbing business.


Youtube is the home of long-form videos, but also increasingly a place for short clips too.

This platform is great for creating how-to videos, publishing podcasts, and sharing reviews.

For a further more detailed break down of how these platforms operate and why they're great fro plumbers, check out our blog on advertising for plumbers.

25 plumbing ideas for your business

Now you understand how each platform works and which is best suited for which type of content, we can get into some great post ideas.

Posts essentially fall into the following 3 categories:

  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Promotion

A post can straddle multiple categories, but focusing on a single category is a helpful way to ensure your socials aren’t dominated by any one type of content.

Let's get into the examples.

1. Before and after posts

Category: Promote

Platform: Instagram, TikTok

These kinds of posts are popular on Instagram and TikTok as they lend themselves well to visual content

To create this content, first, take a photo or short video of the project you are working on. As you work you may want to take more photos or videos to show the progress as you go.

Capture a final image or video once the job is complete. You can then either create a swipe post with before and after images or create a video that achieves the same result.

Check out this example from Lacey Plumbing and Heating:

2. Ew that’s gross

Category: Entertain

Platform: TikTok, Instagram

This type of post plays on people’s fascination with all things disgusting. There is a certain compulsion about seeing something gross that draws in a significant following online.

A great example is the sewage pipe repair video or a clip that sees a technician pulling hair out of a drain. These kinds of videos can draw a lot of views.

There are countless examples of these kinds of posts on TikTok and Instagram reels, such as this one here:

3. Satisfying videos

Category: Entertain

Platform: Instagram, TikTok

These kinds of clips play on the audience's appreciation for a job well done, or something satisfyingly fitting into place.

This category can cover anything from ASMR audio, to a video that perfectly shows two pipes smoothly fitting together. Anything that generates that sense of satisfaction and completeness goes down well.

These videos do well on Instagram and TikTok.

4. The horror customer

Category: Educate

Platform: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook

Be careful with this one, as you don’t want to come across as bitter or vindictive. However, if done right, this kind of content can generate engagement and interest.

These posts usually work best in written form, so would do well on Twitter or LinkedIn, but could be done on FB too.

Focus on your personal experiences. Write about the challenges that the customer presented and how you overcame them.

Don’t name and shame the customer - try to find a positive you can take from the experience.

5. The great customer

Category: Educate

Platform: LinkedIn, Twitter

Just as we commiserate our worst customers, we should also celebrate the best.

A positive interaction with a great customer can be perfect for sharing online

Social media is about storytelling in one form or another, so spot these opportunities and use them.

Customer celebration posts can be great for LinkedIn or Twitter. Be honest, be authentic and be accurate - you can do really well with this.

6. The job that went wrong

Category: Promote

Platform: Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn

Believe it or not, owning your mistakes is a great way to build trust and create loyalty.

When a job goes wrong, post about it. You can do this with images and examples on Instagram, videos on youtube or write about it on Twitter.

The key is admitting the mistake, explaining how it occurred and then showing how you dealt with the adversity and reassured the customer.

If you dealt with the situation professionally, you could even turn it into a piece of funny content. Everybody loves a laugh at someone else’s expense.

7. Other publications

Category: Promote

Platform: TikTok, Instagram, Youtube

Again, this isn’t technically a post idea, but it’s a great way to increase your exposure.

See if you can get some of your content posted on other established channels.

For example, ‘OnTheTools’ is a video channel that posts videos of funny interactions on construction sites or of other skilled trades.

Try submitting posts to channels like this to grow your audience.

8. A day in the life

Category: Educate

Platform: Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Facebook

The video log, aka the vlog, is a great way to let people know about your plumbing business.

These posts usually take place over the course of one day but can cover a longer period.

Typically they would start with you getting up in the morning but you may decide to just cover the period while you’re on the job.

Vlogs can easily be filmed on your phone and usually consist of footage where you discuss what you are going to do or have done, combined with timelapse footage of your day.

‘Day in the Life’ videos are easy to film and work particularly well on youtube. You can repurpose the content in short form for other channels.

9. Silly antics

Category: Entertain

Platform: TikTok, Instagram

Now, depending on how you want to position your business you may choose to avoid doing too much of this kind of content.

But even for the most professional outfit, the odd bit of fun can go down well and helps make your business more relatable.

In these posts, you share short funny videos of you or your team getting up to harmless mischief or cracking a joke.

There are lots of examples of this kind of content on the channel ‘OnTheTools’ who we mentioned earlier.

10. Meet the team

Category: Promote

Platform: Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn

Chances are, you’ve probably already done this one, but it’s worth revisiting every now and then.

This content works well on multiple social media channels and should also be available on your website's ‘About’ page.

Try to make the posts fun and informative. Include an image and some information about each of your team members.

If you really want to take things to the next level you could even do video intros for each person.

Lacey Plumbing and Heating have put together an awesome cinematic video for each of their team:

11. How-to videos

Category: Educate

Platform: Youtube, TikTok

How-to and DIY videos are sometimes frowned upon. Business owners worry it will encourage customers to attempt work themselves rather than paying for a professional.

Don’t worry, this is rarely the case.

If you put out helpful DIY plumbing videos, giving customers tips and tricks on how to complete simple plumbing tasks, then you begin to establish yourself as an authority in that space.

This means that when the viewer has a real issue they can’t fix, they’ll come to you for help.

What’s more, it allows you to begin to appear organically in search queries online.

We go into more detail on how to create this kind of content in our interview with Mike Winnet and in our blog on advertising for plumbers.

12. Product recommendations

Category: Educate

Platform: Facebook, Instagram

Product recommendation posts, can be valuable to your audience and even help you to establish brand partnerships.

Make sure when you do make a recommendation, that you have actually tried and value the product. The more honest and the more detailed you can be, the better.

These posts are probably best on Facebook or Instagram or could be added as an extra mention in a longer video.

Just remember not to overdo this kind of content. If your audience feels they’re being sold to too often, they may not respond positively.

13. A controversial opinion

Category: Promote

Platform: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn

Hear us out on this one. Sharing a controversial opinion in the right way can generate a lot of discussion and considerable exposure.

The trick with this kind of post is to pick a topic that people feel strongly about but that is unlikely to cause offence.

For example, Lacy Plumbing and Heating raised the debate on how you should hang your toilet roll, with the sheet over or under the roll.

This post was designed to generate discussion and spark a bit of harmless sparring.

If they’d really wanted to play on people’s opinions Lacy Plumbing could have taken a more prominent stance. For example, they might have said something like, “Toilet sheets should always hang over the roll. Change my mind.”

Taking a prominent stance encourages a stronger response and plays on people’s sense of right and wrong.

This content is great on Twitter but can also work well on Facebook and even LinkedIn.

14. News and info

Category: Educate

Platform: Twitter, LinkedIn

Done correctly, you can establish your business as the go-to spot for all the most interesting plumbing-related news and information.

Share stories that you think are particularly interesting, material that might have been missed in the mainstream or that you think would be appreciated by your audience.

It’s important to be consistent, selective and keep it relevant to your brand.

15. Memes and GIFS

Category: Entertain

Platform: Facebook, Instagram

Memes are recognisable images usually taken from popular films, TV or online and displayed with a witty caption.

GIFS are very similar but work using a one or two-second video clip that plays on repeat.

This kind of content is particularly popular with millennials and Gen Z but can be adapted to almost any audience by using the right combination of image and caption.

WLV Heating do this to great effect on their Instagram account:

16. Share your passion

Category: Educate

Platform: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

The idea here is to share content that humanises you and your brand.

Rather than just another plumbing business you become unique and relatable. This builds loyalty.

Think about sharing important experiences in your life or the lives of your team members. You can even post about your interests outside of plumbing.

For example, if you are a football fan, comment on the feeling when your team succeeds.

It doesn’t need to be football. You could post about cooking or family sports day. Whatever you’re passionate about, let the people know.

17. Celebrate your reviews

Category: Promote

Platform: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram

When customers leave you positive reviews, post about it.

If you’re not doing this already, it’s time to start! You can group a few reviews together or pick them out individually.

This content is great for Facebook and LinkedIn. Reviews can also be shared on Instagram, but not too often - remember that Instagram is primarily a visual platform.

18. Contests and competitions

Category: Promote

Platform: Instagram, Youtube

Putting on a social media-based competition can be a great way to attract new followers, increase your reach and build your reputation.

Competition posts work like this:

  • You offer a headline product or giveaway - it could be plumbing related but it doesn’t have to be.
  • You include the rules of the competition, usually, this would be something like, “Comment [whatever you want them to share] and tag 2 friends” and include a time frame and prize terms.
  • After the set time frame, pick one of the comments at random and announce them as the winner.

The key is to have a prize that attracts people and use it to draw attention to your profile through the tags. The prize doesn’t even need to be big.

These competitions are most effective on Instagram.

19. Events and themes

Category: Entertain

Platform: All

On significant days or around popular events, put out related content.

The obvious example is in the build-up to Christmas. It’s common for businesses to publish seasonal posts.

But don’t leave it at that - have significant days marked down on your calendar. Whether it’s national tradesperson day or kiss a ginger day, you have a great excuse for a post.

Williams Plumbing and Heating Supplies absolutely nailed this for May the 4th…

20. Do some good

Category: Promote

Platform: Facebook, LinkedIn

You never need an excuse to be a good person but it’s worth remembering that good deeds can help your social media.

Maybe you have sponsored a charity event or maybe you’ve donated resources to a good cause. Anything that contributes positively to your community - or further afield - is worth shouting about.

Don’t brag, but focus on giving further exposure to the cause you’re trying to help.

21. Tips of the trade

Category: Educate

Platform: Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn

These posts complement any how-to videos nicely and are great for Twitter or LinkedIn

Take the opportunity to share your expertise and knowledge in the form of bitesize tips and pieces of advice.

This could be anything from how to get the best results with difficult plumbing tasks to business advice for other tradespeople.

22. Share others’ posts

Category: Educate

Platform: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram

This one is sort of cheating as it’s not strictly your content you’re posting, but it can be a great way to supplement your own work.

If you see something you like or a creator you appreciate, go ahead and share!

This is always a good idea as the content you enjoy is likely to be appreciated by your audience too. What’s more, it helps to build connections and could potentially lead to partnerships down the line.

Just don’t forget to credit the original creator.


Category: Promote

Platform: LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok

Although this isn’t a post idea, keeping up with your comments is important.

When people comment on your posts, whatever the platform, take the time to reply.

Your replies should be proportional to the comment: if the commenter has taken time over what they’ve written, give a more detailed response.

But don’t just limit comments to replies. Particularly on LinkedIn and Twitter, pick out posts by others in your industry that you find valuable and write a comment. Try to add value to the original post with the comments you leave.

This can help attract attention and grow your own following.

24. Partnerships

Category: Promote

Platform: Youtube, Instagram, TikTok

Partnership posts can be very powerful.

The idea behind this is to create a shared piece of content between you and another channel.

This might be an Instagram post shared on your and the partner's channel. It might be a Youtube video that features another content creator from another channel that can be cross-tagged.

It might even be as simple as an Instagram takeover by one of your technicians, where they show highlights from their day.

However you approach it, partnerships allow you to build more and better content that can reach new audiences, and allow you to use the reach of other users’ channels to your own advantage.

25. Recycle and repurpose content

Category: Promote

Platform: All

If you’ve created something cool, don’t just use it once! Use it multiple times, in multiple ways, across multiple channels.

For example, CL Plumbing and Heating Solutions put an ad out at Bristol City’s football stadium. Rather than leaving it at that, they took a photo from the stadium and posted it on their Facebook page.

If they wanted to take this further, they could put together a football-related video featuring some of their staff and tag Bristol City on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Final thoughts

So that’s it, 25 post ideas you can use for your plumbing business.

Remember, whenever you’re posting online, think about entertainment, education and promotion. Everything you share should contribute towards the growth of your business.

Never share content that doesn’t feel authentic to your brand - focus on expressing your personality and highlighting your best qualities.

If you’re just getting started, using all six social channels may be a bit overwhelming. Try to do one or two really well and you can expand from there. Post often and post honestly - you’ll see the results.

If you want more help developing your plumbing business, you can find some great tips and information in our guide on how to grow your plumbing business.

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Is LinkedIn good for plumbers?

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Does plumbing social media influence consumer behaviour?

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