May 18, 2023

Streamline Your Operations with Event Templates - Payaca's CRM Tutorial

Join us as we dive into Payaca's latest feature, Event Templates, designed to eliminate repetitive tasks and ensure no detail is missed in your field service business. Whether you're working in plumbing, heating, electrical, HVAC, roofing, landscaping, renewables, or more, these templates will help streamline your operations.

In this video, we demonstrate how to create an Event Template within Payaca, walking you through the process of naming, tagging, and scheduling tasks. These templates ensure consistency across bookings, enabling you to include the same attachments, trigger the right automations, and employ a standardised task list for each job.

Watch as we add linked tasks and apply these templates to new deals within the Payaca system. You'll see how this feature aids in organization and task management, boosting efficiency and ensuring that every job is handled with care and precision.

As we continue to enhance our platform, we invite your feedback. Check out the Event Templates feature and let us know what you think.

Thanks for using Payaca!