September 29, 2022

The Payaca heating accelerator 2.0 : The latest iteration

Payaca heating accelerator text banner

After the success of the first release of the Payaca Heating Accelerator, we are now rolling out the second edition, with limited spaces available.

Where before the focus was on installation, we’ve now included services, focussing on how we can allow you to get the most out of the product.

Having listened to our users and having taken on feedback from the PHA facebook group and from numerous conversations with some of our most active customers, we’ve added some great new features and functionality to PHA 2.0 that users are going to love.

A summary of some of the latest new features and functionality are as follows:

  • Supplier materials
  • Profit markup tools
  • Deal templates
  • Over 2000 words of sales copy
  • Webforms
  • Pre-written service plans

All the data and all the information you need is pre-populated and ready to go.

Building on its first iteration, the PHA now includes all the boilers, the magnetic filters, the radiators, the thermostats, even the 45 mm elbows - everything you require to run your gas engineering business.

We've optimised the images and highlighted the benefits of each product.

Your customers can see the value of your products, increasing the chances that your customers will choose to do business with you and pay more money for the work that you do.

Payaca pages

What’s more, we’ve introduced new data that will allow you to get up and running with Payaca pages in an instant, meaning you can convert more customers from your website and get more relevant information from those you provide a service for.

We have written out the most common questions that you really should be asking your customers. You can easily choose the most relevant questions so that you can get the answers that you need from your customers. Just drop a question into a form and drop that onto your website and you’re good to go, no messing around, no time wasted.

Certificates and service reminders

All your certificates are built-in and ready to go, meaning you can attach them to your proposals in just a couple of clicks.

We’ve also taken a look at service reminders - you don’t want to waste time writing these out!

Well don’t worry, we’ve taken care of it. We have created over 2000 words of crafted text, including reminders politely written to let your customers know that their boilers are due a service.

Williams data

Another exciting addition is the introduction of William's data. All the products and materials from the UK’s biggest independent merchant is all available to you, all priced up so that you can keep your business on track and profitable.

The Payaca Heating Accelerator is designed with heating engineers first. You'll gain access to a community full of heating engineers just like you, people who are there to help each other out and solve problems faster - together. All your queries, solved.

The second and latest edition of the PHA is the next step up. Now live, take your gas engineering business to the next level and achieve success like never before.