May 14, 2021

Tips to improve your conversion rate

Interactive quotes help to increase conversion rate

A quote is a formal document that explains your pricing for a job that gives your customer a clear cost for your work. When a customer asks you for a quote, it means they're seriously considering using your business. Getting the quote right can be the difference between making or losing a sale.

Here at Payaca, we help your business offer what we call interactive quotes. This means your customers can build in more choice and optional extras to their quote, allowing them freedom of choice and the chance to upgrade in a single click. Letting the customer interact with their quote, in a simple and user-friendly way, will help them feel more in control of the decision they’re making and could help increase your revenue if they opt for extra upgrades. Why not watch our interactive quote demo video here.

Our interactive quote system is a professional solution that is guaranteed to help you stand out amongst other, perhaps more slapdash, tradesman quotes.

Did you know: It’s suggested that homeowners get three separate quotes when they need to have work carried out. Our interactive quote system is sure to put you at the top of the list!

Be polite and friendly to improve your conversion rate

The nature of having a trades business often involves making visits to people’s homes. There is an element of trust from a homeowner when they agree to let you into their house, so it’s imperative you are as personable and polite as possible when you make your visit. Being courteous and friendly, without being pushy, will leave potential customers feeling more at ease having you carry out work on their home and more likely to choose your business. As the saying goes, people buy from people, so be the kind of person you’d want to welcome into your own home!

Payaca can improve your conversion rate

Speaking with one of our friendly experts about how Payaca can help boost your conversion rate with our job management software that allows you to organise your team while easily sending out high converting interactive quotes that win business. Get in touch today! Go through our website or call us on 0333 050 94750.