Diversify your revenue stream with Service Plans

Say goodbye to seasonal slumps by introducing monthly or annual recurring revenue packages

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Keep your customers by signing them up for repeat services

Create customers that last by building up a trusted and loyal customer base who value what you have to offer.

Secure your future with a repeat revenue stream

  • Create a stable income stream that allows you to plan for the future
  • Offer a repeat service that makes customers feel listened to and valued
  • Build loyalty by signing customers up to yearly and monthly subscriptions
Payaca service plan periods
Service plans edit screen

Setting up service plans has never been easier

  • All the systems you need are in place and ready to go
  • Access software that fully integrates with Stripe repeat payment
  • Discover an interface that has been optimised for service businesses
Service plans events template

Maintenance and management made easy

  • Operate on autopilot with a system that manages all your customer subscriptions
  • View all the data and analytics from your subscription packages
  • Automatic communications and reminders sent to customers