Automate repetitive tasks

Workflow automations convert more customers and save hours of time

Automate repetitive tasks

Automate customer journeys & team management

See how Payaca's automations can save your business time everyday while improving the customer journey & increasing your bottom line.

Automate communications with customers and your team

Create workflows to make your team efficient

Automations showing custom email

Trigger workflows based on your pipelines

Move deals through the pipeline

Workflows that take the pressure off

Automatic customer messages

Create sequenced emails for your customers based on actions and triggers throughout your customer journey.

  • Automate follow-ups messages for quotes & invoices
  • Send messages anytime during the customer journey
Quote and invoice reminders

Team emails, notifications & alerts

Automate team communications based on events or actions taken throughout the customer journey.

  • Trigger emails on any actions to team members
  • Automate SMS and push notifications on any action (coming soon)
Automation builder

Superior automations for customer journeys

Brand reputation

Send emails for initial feedback to direct customers to leave reviews or customer surveys.

Team workflows

Create workflows to optimise efficiency and team performance.

Customer automations

Create customised automations for your customers that deliver superior customer journeys.